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I saw this meme recently:
It's not just funny, it's real!  Well ok, not literally.  But that is me.  Theology books on one side, a music player on the other and dare I say it, yes.  I have eaten some junk-all in the name of procrastination.  I find those first paragraphs the HARDEST to write!  Somehow I have to turn the maelstrom of thoughts into coherent sentences.  And of course, it happens.
Me.  Summing up energy to write.
If I stick with it.
I love learning.
I even enjoy reading.
But writing academically is a tough one for me.  I have to be certain about my statements... there's no more "I 'think'" etc.  I just have to woman up though and do it.  Much like most things in my life.
There are days when I'd like to be seven and just have a tanty and hide under the blankets. (Justin, bless him, has not outed me yet - that I have done this!)  I was thinking today about how I'm almost half way through this semester and thinking 'yay'! Then the next thought to come crashing into that one was "out of three years - 1/2 semester out of THREE years".  But actually, it's mostly a good thought.  I get to hang with awesome people (real, rubber hits the road, genuine) who are also adjusting to study as well as managing family life.  And I just happen to think we are super-heroes! I have other friends who are studying midwifery, law, teaching...  And other friends who have a demanding job, busy kids and yet still manage to be great Mums, Wives and friends.  Which is why I love community.  The minute you start to look inward and feel a bit sorry for yourself, you see someone else who is bravely tackling life with much grace and fierceness and you suck it up and get back into it.
But just in case you thought my life was perfectly organised, I shall regale you with my latest failure.

I went shopping.  I was organised and did it on the way home from a lecture sans-kids.  I rushed home to collect kids and make coffee for a friend.  Unpacking the groceries, I could NOT find the chicken I had bought.  Not anywhere.
Not in the car.
Not under the seats.
Not in my room (I had to check, I carry stuff round and put it down with out a thought in the world).
Not in fridge.
I ring the shop.  They don't answer.  For TWO hours!
So I send the hubby on his way home from work.  Shop is not having a bar of it.  They do not have my chicken and will not refund us.
Now I'm really irritated!  I shan't shop there again!
I didn't go out the next day.
However, the following day, I jump out of bed at 5.20am, leap in car and
what IS that STENCH?!
It is a sign - run back to bed and do not enter the car EVER again!
Upon a quick search in the boot, I find that the MIA chicken had rolled down a hole in the boot to the floor before. Where it promptly let it all hang out, totally stopped trying and just ROTTED.  Thankfully, everything was still contained in the bags and nothing leaked out.  I removed it.  Drove to gym with ALL the windows down, and left them open while in the gym.  [I wanted to put a sign on it saying "steal me - I dare ya!"].
A day later it still REEKETH!!
My 5 year old refused to be driven to school in the rain.  He'd rather walk than drive in the rotten chook car.  I hollered that he better man up and get in and we'll drive fast.  Not too fast.  Just fast enough so that we don't asphyxiate.
After depositing said child at school I drove straight to Repco, fell out of the car and ran to the front desk "please!  Help!  Give me the BEST deoderiser you sell.  There is evilness stinking out my car!"
He hooked me up with this flea-bomb styled can and it worked!  Yes it worked! Now we smell like an imported car that they tried to deodorize from ciggy smoke.  But this is better than the previous horridness!

Now the car stinks like berries.  I stink like berries when I get out of it. But I'm not catching some disease from breathing the air in there.
Somehow in the madness that is early mornings with exercise, getting the kids out to school, rushing to lectures and then home again, I managed to put together a reflection on 4 weeks work and deliver it this morning without crying (that might seem odd but the module was on Emotional Intelligence, so we all had to have a long look at ourselves *shudder!). 
Thank you Tracey-Lee for the photo!
What I love most about being a studying Mummy is the moments when one of your kids blows you away with their cleverness.  Here are the two latest drawings from Larry Boy (5yrs) for me.  It really was only Christmas that he was only drawing stick figures. 
"Mum - rushing to the stadium - to sing"
Fishing Helicopters catching Tuna - clever!


  1. You are devine hun and doing an AMAZING job!!
    One day this will be but memories. xxxx


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