It's All In Your Head...

My ultra encouraging, strong, fit friend xx
 I'm coming to see that it is.
All in my head.
The way in which I approach things is up to how I think about them.

Recent case in point:
I've signed up for a 6 week Body Blitz at FitMumz.  Friends have been trying for about 2 years to get me along but at the end of the day, I'm a home-body and I hate do not love exercise.
So when people ask me "so how are you finding it, are you enjoying it?".  I respond as politely as I can, "Um, no, certainly not enjoying it.  But it's less torturous than I imagined it would be."  And they would laugh, I would laugh and then go home relieved it's over for at least 24 hours.
But while talking to someone during another session, she commented on how good I am with food.

And it was one of those moments when you have a sudden perspective shift. 

I am good with food!
And it was not always the case.
Food was an area I was NEVER going to change because I liked cooking.
But then I did change.  Gradually. And what began that change was a desire to be in a different state of health than I was in.  'Pain' is a great motivator for change.

A year on, I eat mostly clean and whole foods most of the time.  And I don't even think about it.  It's natural, acceptable and enjoyable.  But what made that change happen quicker was realising I needed the change.  So I jumped on the train and joined with the encouraging crew around me (my parents, my auntie, my friends) and didn't really look back.
So I said to this girl "you're right.  It's all in how I think about it.  And currently I am saying things to myself about exercise that are akin to feeling sorry for myself. If I change how I think, then I can change how I feel about exercise."

After my first cardio class - exhausted!
I don't wish to be unfit.
I don't wish to be beaten my 10 year old in a sprint.
I don't wish to have daily mild back pain for the rest of my life.
I want core strength.
I want to be physically active with my kids.

So I need to think positively about it. 
It's all in my head.
I can choose to feel sorry for myself in the pain and struggle of this unfitness changeover to fitness, or I can view that pain and struggle as a positive thing.  My muscles are getting stronger and my heart is working better and it's all just good for me.
Yeah right, you're an egg, it will always hurt!
And that will be the clincher won't it.  It takes 7-21 days to change a habit.
So I'm hanging in there.  And I'll start responding with "yeah, today's class was good.  I feel exhausted so I know I worked hard...!


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