The World Needs Larry-Boy

Big day in this house.
Baby is off to school.  I told him "I wish you could have just stayed 4".  Dad whispers something in his ear.  He looks at me all puffed up and replies "I can't Mum, the world needs me..."
And it probably does. 
All those people who thought they were the boss; all those who need random fierce hugs; all those who need to be told they're awesome; all those who need to be challenged...  they all need a Larry-Boy.
We walked him to school.
Settled him in to the class (huge collaborative class with 3 teachers), then sat outside waiting for his mates to arrive.
"Mum, I'm going to miss you today."
I kissed his palm and told him "here's a secret kiss - place it on your cheek anytime you miss me and you'll know that Mum is thinking about you."  (How cool am I?!  Right?!  Ok, honestly, I got it from this cool kids book called "The Kissing Hand".)

Anyway, he marched off to assembly, just a huge pair of shorts sticking out from underneath a huge hat and that's that.
3 Boys in school.
Mum's all lonesome and crying and doesn't know how to fill her days....




Mwahahahaha! (cue maniacal laughter her).
I feel like I should be crying or something, but actually it feels right. 
(Next phase sees me at Carey Bible College studying, and I'm looking forward to it!)

Hope his first day is awesome!
Thanks Leanne - it's awesome!
Best mates from church...


  1. Hope your first day is awesome!! You are going to love it :)

  2. Landmark day, beautifully navigated xxx


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