Weetbix Tryathlon

This year Stealth-bomber completed his first weetbix Tri!  So proud of this little guy - he was AWESOME and pushed on trying very hard all the way round.  Over 2000 kids attended the Manurewa one - and it was SO well organised!  If your child hasn't done one of these, I highly recommend it.  Its not timed or anything, so the focus is on completion and trying your best.  Event still open for regos:  tryathlon.co.nz/

Stealth-Bomber swam 50m, biked 4km, and ran 1.5km.

It was Bat-boy's third, and he did great too.  He swam 75-100m, biked 4km, and ran 1.5km.

It's a fun day out if you do it with friends.  There is loads of free sponsored stuff to go collect from the various tents and kids just love lining up to do these little challenges and get their loot.
Ready to start!

These guys in the pool helped all the little kids - so awesome!

Running out and in to Transition
Thanks to my buddy shooter for this awesome shot!
Off on his run!  & still smiling.

Think we see a bit of stitch here...

Got their medals!

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Waiting to head in to the swim

Swimming beside his mate

Heading out and in to Transition
Again - my sweet friend got this awesome shot!
They stuck together they whole way!
Down the home straight!
Best tasting water ever!
Medals with his mates
The ICONZ crew less Z - who had run off some place - again!