Our Baby is FIVE!!

Today our baby turned five.  I can't tell you how fast that happened.  I know they always say, 'cherish every moment, because before you know it they're at school'.  Well it's blimmin true-three times true!  But what I've learned is that it doesn't matter who tells you this, this is just a busy stage of life and it does rip past. You can't stop that and it does no-one any good to be guilty about not having been 'present' in every moment.

Quinn is a fabulous child who has given us as much joy as the others and probably more cause for concern.  One day someone's going to bring him down to size, and I'm sure that day will hurt.  However, for now, he thinks earth was created FOR him, and you are all here to improve his life. 

He's affectionate, friendly, and has a great sense of humour.  When he decides to, he can really bust a move!

We had his Christmas Party for Kindy today, and then we got to go for coffee & cake with a few of his little mates (we missed Tom).

We love you Quinny, and can't wait to see what you become!
Like his dad, he orders the same thing every time:  Brownie

We're fierce!
These three are all December Buddies