2016 Began Washed Clean...

Larry-Boy enjoying a spot of rain with his trucks

"We need to understand God doesn’t just tolerate us, His favor is upon us. He is passionately committed to us. We never have any reason to doubt our access to Him.” ~ Derek Prince

This time of year we see loads of memes & status updates on FB about making NY resolutions, breaking resolutions, or not believing in resolutions.
I happen to sit in the last camp.  I don't do em.
Beautiful wind-blown Ti Kouka.
I find that goals set either become a weapon my guilt uses to flog me, or something I forget all about till the next year end.  This doesn't mean I think the sentiment behind them is rubbish though.

I do believe though that we are given a compassionate gift in the marking of time. 
Our drain - bursting it's banks.
The end of a day, week, month, season.... As one year passes and a new one starts, my mind does a re-shuffle and a looking ahead. I analyse the things that don't work for me, and wonder at how I might do things better.
Because in the natural, I'm a doer. I don't like to sit still with nothing in my hands.  My mind is ticking over pretty much constantly.

This quote of Derek's cuts through that 'doing' mindset. My continuing 'goal' if you like, is to learn to sit at his feet. Where Mary sat. Culturally, she should not have been sitting with the men while they talked of spiritual things.  She should have been out in that kitchen with her sister.  This is where I find my purpose.  In the work.  But as I learn more, and age a bit, I'm realising that life can rip that away from you in an instant and if you haven't worked out why you have value, then you're in a very painful place.  

Flax, looking out over our paddock.
I want to keep learning to lay aside as much of my 'doing' as I can, and just rest knowing that He longs to do life with me in every moment. Not just when I 'need' Him...  When I look out at a world being washed clean by hours and hours of rain, He is also enjoying that view.  

I'm sure that when I'm thinking about the changes needed in my life, He's agreeing, but hoping that I choose to invite Him into those places to accomplish this change on my behalf.  I'm tired of all 'trying' and the 'work'.  
This new idea (to me) of resting in His presence, and being solid in the truth that my value is assured simply because I belong to Him is exciting!  
Long may THIS journey continue!